Drive-Away Dolls

Movie • 2024

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Roger Ebert

Coming out of “Drive-Away Dolls,” an uproarious, sexy and deliciously feminine B-movie, the immediate thing you might realize is just how dearly this particular Coen Brothers flavor has been missed.

Rotten Tomatoes

'Drive-Away Dolls' mixes comedy and caper in a uniquely entertaining blend.

The Guardian

The essence of the Coenesque comes through strongest in the pristine dialogue, with its baroque turns of phrase, absurd circular repetitions, and idle philosophical musings.


Qualley makes her a queer libertine dynamo — a woman who will fuck anything that moves, yet the beauty of Qualley’s performance is that she somehow makes Jamie’s horniness seem a form of enlightenment.

The New York Times

The title of Ethan Coen’s leaden romp ‘Drive-Away Dolls’ summons up the vulgar excesses of old-school exploitation cinema, with its horrors and pleasures, carnage and flesh. If only!

Rolling Stone

The extraordinary amount of glorious, out-and-proud queerness that's embedded into the story...

The Movie Blog

Drive-Away Dolls presents something truly unique. The film features queer friendship and romance in a bold, unapologetic light.

Reel Reviews

even as a silly romantic comedy, it’s as shallow as it is forgettable