The Mandalorian

Series • 2019 -

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The New York Times

A prototypical space western with a laconic hero... it’s well paced and reasonably clever, with enough style and visual panache to keep your eyes engaged.

The Mandalorian’s core pleasures remain the same — namely, the sweet bond between its stoic hero and his adorable young charge and the opportunity to explore rich new worlds with them.!


Even when “The Mandalorian” lags, its swerve from a more expected route makes it more intriguing as an entryway into a galaxy far, far away.

Hollywood Reporter

It’s just small and it moves quickly, but not breathlessly. Then the pilot ends with the first sense of an actual mission for the series.!


Organ trafficking, space toilets and Werner Herzog's filthy Stormtroopers.


The Mandalorian - the first live-action Star Wars series, and the flagship show of the new Disney+ streaming service - has the swagger and ambition to venture off the beaten path and into the uncharted regions of the Star Wars galaxy.


The Mandalorian Season 2 pulls off an ambitious and epic sophomore season that has plenty of heart and nostalgia.

Rotten Tomatoes

Action-packed and expertly-crafted -- if at times a bit too withholding -- The Mandalorian is a welcome addition to the Star Wars universe.