She Came to Me

Movie • 2023

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Roger Ebert

Peter Dinklage is brilliant as Steven, imperious and vulnerable.

The New York Times

As for Patricia, she’s got her own compulsions. This is a romantic triangle that may recall the screwball of a Nancy Meyers rom-com.

Rotten Tomatoes

She Came to Me's uneasy blend of romantic comedy and drama proves frequently frustrating despite the story's admirable aims and strong work from an outrageously talented cast.


Rebecca Miller's ‘She Came to Me’ demonstrates how the indie quirkfest can be resonant and real, with characters who have soul instead of a chewy center.

The Guardian

The excellent cast brings a prosecco sparkle.

The Hollywood Reporter

Clunky multistrand romance with a terminal case of whimsy that almost none of its characters or their relationships ring true.


You would need a heart of stone to leave Rebecca Miller’s She Came to Me without wanting to pick up sticks and live on a tugboat, preferably one steered by Marisa Tomei.!


Anne Hathaway gives depth to the cliché of a controlled and maniac woman by exploring how the need for order can be the fruit of internal chaos.