Star Trek: Discovery

Series • 2017 - 2024

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This is light years removed from being a perfect TV show, but it already shows signs of being a great one.

The New York Times

It’s dark — literally and figuratively dark, in the way that ambitious dramas are nowadays. But it’s not clear if all that murk is entirely necessary or productive.


"Discovery" is trying, with some success, to convey that this is not your father’s "Star Trek."!

The Verge

At this early stage, at least, Discovery is surprisingly satisfying, to the point where it’s easy to forget the hubbub of chaos that surrounded the show’s development.


Sonequa Martin-Green shines in her role as Michael Burnham, one of Starfleet's best captains.

The Guardian

Discovery, I guess in the name of a more grave and serious show about alien monsters and time travel, ostentatiously walks a darker path, and on that path are a lot of our worst tendencies.


I just cannot watch this anymore.

Rotten Tomatoes

Far more emotional than other Trek shows, this is for those who wish to feel the big earnest emotion of a sci-fi epic.