Road House

Movie • 2024

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Roger Ebert

"Once this defiantly goofy movie starts to take itself seriously, the wheels come off with ridiculous twists, awkward line readings, and some of the worst fight CGI in years."

The New York Times

Jake Gyllenhaal plays the pro fighter turned bouncer Elwood Dalton, here protecting a juke joint that sits on a valuable piece of real estate in the Florida Keys.

Screen Rant

The 2024 remake of Road House has an impressive 'fresh' score of 71% on Rotten Tomatoes, which is nearly double the 'rotten' score of the 1989 original.


Director Doug Liman’s credits include “The Bourne Identity” with Matt Damon, and he brings some of that kinetic style to the fight sequences here.


In 'Road House,' Liman and Gyllenhaal bring the pain, but they also make you feel it.


The new Road House is funny, and that ends up being enough.


Jake Gyllenhaal brings a natural intensity to Dalton as well as an impressive physical commitment.

Screen Rant

Road House is loud, abrasive, and maddeningly entertaining. What it lacks in depth or nuance it makes up for with charm, lazy wit, and style.