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Roger Ebert

"Shōgun is a rich text that has been expertly reinvented for the screen, proving that shows of this likeness can not only still be made, but can still achieve greatness."

Digital Trends

“FX's Shōgun is a visually breathtaking historical epic that will keep you consistently engaged across its 10 ambitious, densely plotted episodes.”

The Guardian

Much like Masters of the Air, Shōgun has been years in the making... This is lavish, demanding drama, to be approached with care and focus.

Entertainment Weekly

The new Shōgun is a stunning epic that never lets big-budget set pieces overshadow the human drama at its core.


"Shōgun" has to situate the viewer within a complex network of tensions and loyalties, earn their investment and tell a complete story with a satisfying conclusion.


Shōgun owes as much to the power of its three leads as it does to its phenomenal writing and direction.

The New York Times

This ‘Shogun’ is sumptuously produced, mostly well acted and not excessively sentimental or sensational.


This new Shōgun has other strong performances as well, but they're not the only things that make this 2024 version so successful.