13 Reasons Why

Series • 2017 - 2020

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Common Sense Media

Ultimately message is one of warning -- for teens to deal with their problems in constructive ways and for adults to stay in touch with their kids' activities and emotional health.


The Hollywood Reporter

13 Reasons Why is an honorably mature piece of young-adult adaptation, fleshing out Jay Asher’s well-regarded novel in a way that allows its cold-hearted high-school environment to breathe.


The New York Times

Young viewers may find the combination of thriller and morbid teenage melodrama in “13 Reasons Why” addictive, though parents should be aware that it contains startlingly naturalistic depictions of rape and suicide.



"13 Reasons Why" offers a great deal of food for thought about the kind of individual passivity and group denial that give protection to predators and enablers, and sap hope and nascent joy from those with little power and status.



13 Reasons offers an emotionally draining but engrossing look at the perils of modern teenage life.



Season 1 was 9/10 for me. Brilliant season. The shock factor made this show stand out.


Rotten Tomatoes

13 Reasons Why is more than standard entertainment. This is the rare TV series that can not only alter perceptions, it could change someone's life.