The Family Plan

Movie • 2023

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Roger Ebert

Mark Wahlberg could totally make something like this work... No one on-screen is to blame for the failure of 'The Family Plan.'

The New York Times

Wahlberg is more charismatic than he’s been onscreen in nearly a decade, and his chemistry with Monaghan is the foundation of a plausible marriage.


Famously, Mark Wahlberg wakes in the wee hours for a 3:30 a.m. workout — perhaps he could have treated himself to a five o’clock lie-in?

The Guardian

Used car salesman Dan is living the American dream until his past as a former special forces warrior catches up to him and his family.


He’s an assassin, you say? Well, that figures.!

Ready Steady Cut

Mark Wahlberg delivers in a role he is familiar with as dad turned kick-ass action star, while Michelle Monaghan is the perfect opposite for him.


'The Family Plan' is a pretty fair action comedy film that has a family road trip with Mark Wahlberg having a secret life before them.

Rotten Tomatoes

A family-oriented comedy-adventure that slightly fumbles in its execution.