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Roger Ebert

There's no questioning the originality of the idea and the vibe, whether you think the film pulls it all off in totality.

The Guardian

Smart, cynical and at times devilishly funny, the film delivers a crackle of disruptive static to the demonic possession genre.


"Late Night With the Devil" sees a 1970s network talk show devolve into occult mayhem, providing a mix of vintage showbiz cheese and demonic doings.!


'Dune' actor David Dastmalchian nails his first leading role as a talk show host who will do anything to catch up with Johnny Carson in the ratings.


David Dastmalchian's charming peculiarities shimmer beneath the unctuous persona of Jack Delroy.


Late Night with the Devil offers a unique twist on late-night TV horror with a distinctly sinister approach.

Los Angeles Times

In just a few rehearsed gestures — a finger point, a pantomimed bat swing — Dastmalchian clues us in that he’s playing a shell hollowed out by ambition.


David Dastmalchian is brilliant in this role and the other actors in this gel and make this one of the films of the year.