Movie • 2021

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Roger Ebert

"Luca" retreads too much well-cultivated ground and reworks so many achingly familiar tropes as its best qualities sink to a murky bottom.

The Guardian

It’s string-pulling Pixar formula but done with just about enough effectiveness to work (do their films ever truly fail?).

Los Angeles Times

"Luca" is about the thrill and the difficulty of living transparently — and the consolations that friendship, kindness and decency can provide against the forces of ignorance and violence.


Luca is a solid summer watch, and one whose uniquely stylized animation will be particularly enjoyable on a large screen.

The Guardian

Luca is a gentle pleasure about friendship and not quite fitting in.

The Hollywood Reporter

It’s not canonical Pixar, but it’s as sweet and satisfying as artisanal gelato on a summer afternoon.

Entertainment Weekly

Luca's tenderhearted tale of a blue-gilled fish-boy who dreams of dry a sweetly soulful all-ages dip in la dolce vita.


Even the simplest stories are becoming masterpieces in the hands of Pixar. It's a fun crowd pleaser with the typical Pixar emotional moments.