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As much as Zuko doesn’t want to get involved, talking to Johnny leads Mo’s men to him and endangers his family. Now, Zuko must race against the clock to complete Johnny’s final mission before Mtima’s people can harm his loved ones.


Don’t judge Heart of the Hunter for being predictable. Judge it for its rock-solid technical prowess.

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Heart of the Hunter's newfound popularity is more than just a fluke.

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"'Heart of the Hunter,' directed by Mandla Dube, is an action-packed thriller that blows hot and cold."

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Bonko Khoza's transformation from Malime’s loving husband and Pakamile’s indulgent father to this stoic and relentless warrior is fascinating to watch.


Heart Of The Hunter is a visceral journey through the complexities of contemporary South Africa, masterfully crafted by Deon Meyer and Willem Grobler.


Absolutely Fantastic. What a well-made movie. The director did so well.

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Dube is wise enough to realize that practical effects render films like this far more credible, so he leans away from CGI, crashing real cars and emphasizing the tangible whoomp-and-crack of punches landing brutal body blows.