Movie • 2024

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Roger Ebert

“Imaginary” is utterly forgettable, bland, and directionless, ironically so, as for a film that lauds the power of imagination, it shockingly neglects the very element of its own ethos.

The Guardian

Imaginary, teased by an audio-first, cinema-only trailer far smarter than the movie itself, is a shameless grab bag of stolen parts clumsily stitched together with such carelessness, it’s a miracle it’s even getting a theatrical release.


Instead of jump scares, we get world-building hoops to jump through.

Heaven of Horror

While I didn’t expect to enjoy this particular horror movie much, I ended up really liking it.


Imaginary is a horror disaster that not even imaginary characters should go see.

Flickering Myth

Imaginary comes across like a halfway decent story that another writer got a hold of and retooled into something much more stupid and reliant on typical modern mainstream horror clichés.

It's A Stampede!

Imaginary is a film which I so desperately want to tell you is good, but in truth it is only so-so.

Rotten Tomatoes

Aesthetically it's good, with decent sound design and an atmosphere that mirrors some old-school horror movies, but the style over substance approach is disappointing.