Sorry, Charlie

Movie • 2023

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Heaven of Horror

In Sorry, Charlie we meet the title character, who is the only character on-screen apart from the serial perpetrator known as “The Gentleman” due to his appearance.

The Scariest Things

This is a one-woman showcase film, with Kathleen Kenny doing all the heavy lifting quite convincingly.


This was a rather solid genre effort. Among the main factors here is a generally impressive setup that brings about an intriguing sense of folklore for the main villain.

Dread Central

It’s overall deeply satisfying, the road to that satisfaction is just a little rocky.

Nightmarish Conjurings

While the M.O. of the killer seems far-fetched, his disguise makes him one of the creepiest masked villains in quite a few years.

The Official Website of Horror and Fantasy Writer Lionel Ray Green

Sorry, Charlie is one of the best horror movies I’ve watched in 2023.

Knockout Horror

Sorry, Charlie isn’t a terrible movie. It’s actually pretty watchable... But, if you are a horror vet, this is a movie that you have seen many times before.


It's a vicious, very tense cat and mouse home invasion game as Charlie tries to evade and fight him...