Love Lies Bleeding

Movie • 2024

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Roger Ebert

'Love Lies Bleeding' is a sexy, brutal, violent, kinetic piece of filmmaking that’s about, well, love, lies, and bleeding.


"Love Lies Bleeding' turns wild and garish, and you may think the film is losing control, yet Rose Glass is fiercely in control of what she's doing."

The Guardian

Without the attention-grabbing, X-rated theatrics, it’s ultimately just a film we’ve seen too many times before, struggling to justify why we’re seeing it again.

Spokane Public Radio

For all of its noirish machinations, this is ultimately a film about bodies, and not just dead ones. It’s about physical stamina; about delirious sex; about blood, sweat, straining muscles and bulging veins.


Stewart and O’Brian are electric as the toxic, uhaul duo of star-crossed psychos in love.!

The Ringer

The best thrillers leave us worn out but satisfied. At the end of Love Lies Bleeding, there's only exhaustion, and the vague feeling of having been dragged along on a fast ride to nowhere in particular.

Washington Blade: LGBTQ News, Politics, LGBTQ Rights, Gay News

This latter quality is something it shares with movies like ‘Bound’ – the 1996 debut feature by the Wachowskis, which pushed mainstream acceptance by presenting its lesbian protagonists in a realistic manner and refusing to frame them in the then-usual trope of ‘queer victimhood’.

Cultured Vultures

Love Lies Bleeding is a singular movie that falls into some disappointingly common plot points in its final third, but those plot points don’t take away from what comes before.