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Roger Ebert

The latest animated blockbuster from Illumination is their most soulless to date, a film that feels like ChatGPT produced it after data and imagery from the games were fed into a computer.


Illumination and Nintendo’s Super Mario Bros. Movie finally gives the most iconic character in gaming the onscreen adventure he’s always deserved.

The Verge

Watching The Super Mario Bros. Movie, it’s impossible not to imagine what it might be like to one day play a game as visually rich running on hardware that puts current-gen Nintendo Switch to shame.


Jack Black, who voices this horny demon, gives a stupendous performance.


Animation is the right way to go, and directors Aaron Horvath and Michael Jelenic, together with writer Matthew Fogel turn it into a charmer.!

Rotten Tomatoes

The Super Mario Bros. Movie is a DREAM COME TRUE for lifelong Nintendo fans and PERFECT DOWN TO THE LAST PIXEL.

Rotten Tomatoes

Whether you’re a hardcore fan of the Nintendo franchise or nostalgically curious, there’s apparently a lot to enjoy in the video game adaptation.


Being on par with the likes of Sonic and Detective Pikachu, this film hits all the fun beats you would want from a Mario film.