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    A vanished submarine prompts a rescue operation that leads to the Loch Ness monster. Having escaped the Loch, the creature unleashes decades of pent-up aggression on those it encounters.

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CGI gut-busting, low budget affair, but that doesn’t make it any less thrilling - read as FUN.


Horror Society

I’m a sucker for a good, cheesy monster movie. What Tyler-James did, though, was take modern cheese and mix it with classic monster movie suspense.


Horror Asylum

Good-natured fun it is complete with CGI effects, female cleavage in tight shirts, practical blood, and a silly plot... it is simply a fun if not clunky film.


Eye for Film

“What is this about?” one of the characters eventually demands, of no-one in particular. One might well ask – but hey, there’s a giant monster involved, and that’s what you’re watching for, right?



Yet for all that, the myriad of plot points means that whilst the film isn’t great, it’s never dull.



It's like these people who 'make' these films don't even bother trying anymore... it might be watchable but there are so many cringe moments.



This was the best comedy movie I've seen in all of my 20 years of existence and watching movies.


My Bloody Reviews

THE LOCH NESS HORROR, which is neither set at Loch Ness nor has much in the way of any horror, is a B-movie bereft of any B-movie thrills.