Movie • 2023

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Roger Ebert

Although it clearly wants to be seen as some kind of wild hallucinatory exploration into the heart of madness, Stopmotion eventually reveals itself to be little more than a collection of barf-bag visuals and tired conventions.


While Stopmotion isn't breaking any ground in terms of its storytelling, its art and smooth, atmospheric transitions from animation to live-action, along with fantastic acting from a relatively unknown cast, will certainly make it an early critical horror darling of 2024.

The New York Times

A bloody meditation on artistic agency and its submission, 'Stopmotion' is a deeply troubling but visually sophisticated horror tale.

Grimoire of Horror

A visceral thrill that maps the tired trope of the ‘tortured artist’ onto an underrepresented, refreshing medium where the innate madness required to make art is examined frame by frame, millimetre by millimetre.

Heaven of Horror

In Stopmotion, Ella Blake (Aisling Franciosi) is a stop-motion animator, who becomes consumed by her creations in a horrifyingly artistic journey.

Paste Magazine

Stopmotion is brazenly original and delicately unhinged, well-intentioned to let us marinate in Ella’s poisonous behaviors.

Eye for Film

"Stopmotion is not a film that strives to keep secrets or deliver surprises. It wants us to understand what’s happening, at least to an extent, and still be helpless to prevent it."

Horror Press

The make-up, lighting, and sound design all come together in 'Stopmotion' to further blur the line between person and puppet.