The Companions

Movie • 2021

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    At 19, passionate about street art, Naëlle (Najaa Bensaid) is forced to follow a reintegration project with other young people, her last chance to avoid being separated from her loved ones. Touched by the young girl, Hélène (Agnès Jaoui), the site manager and her instructor, introduces her one day to the Maison des Compagnons de Nantes, a world of traditions that promotes craftsmanship excellence and transmission between generations. Alongside Paul (Pio Marmai), a companion stained glass artist who agrees to take her for training in his studio, Naëlle discovers a universe with codes very different from hers that could give new meaning despite her difficulties in life. Naëlle will carve a place for herself in the fascinating world of stained glass and will realize that the Companions' values are not just empty words.

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