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    Det kan tyckas vara ett riskabelt val att ta ett så drastiskt kliv ut i fiktionen och fantasin som regissören gör. Men köper man den premissen är ”Emily” en vacker och välfungerande film, skriver SvD:s recensent.


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    Tells the imagined life of one of the world’s most famous authors, Emily Brontë, as she finds her voice and writes the literary classic Wuthering Heights, and explores the relationships that inspired her – her raw, passionate sisterhood with Charlotte and Anne; her first aching, forbidden love for Weightman and her care for her maverick brother whom she idolises.

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    • Emma MackeyEmily Brontë
    • Fionn WhiteheadBranwell Brontë
    • Oliver Jackson-CohenWeightman
    • And 4 more...

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