Asterix & Obelix: The Middle Kingdom

Movie • 2023


    Den franska äventyrsserien om de tappra gallerna Asterix och Obelix har fått en klämmig och rätt underhållande nytändning, med lite…


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    It’s the year 50 BC. The Empress of China has just been imprisoned following a coup d’état incited by Deng Tsin Qin, a traitorous prince. Helped by Finalthesis, the Phoenician merchant, and her faithful bodyguard Mai Wei, the Empress’ only daughter Princess Sass-Yi flees to Gaul to ask for help from two valiant warriors: Asterix and Obelix, who are endowed with superhuman strength thanks to their magic potion. Our two inseparable heroes gladly accept to help the Princess save her mother and free her country. And thus begins a great voyage and adventure on the road to China. But Caesar and his powerful army, thirsty for a new conquest, are also heading toward the Middle Kingdom.

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  • Cast

    • Guillaume CanetAstérix
    • Gilles LelloucheObélix
    • Vincent CasselCésar
    • And 36 more...

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